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Welcome to our online sales of dresses, skirts, t-shirts, harem pants, leggings and tunics!

Looking for a site selling dresses or skirts? You want to make the purchase of T-shirts, tunics and harem pants or leggings online?
You can find these items on our site, entirely dedicated to clothing. The price / quality ratio is unbeatable, and you will see for yourself.
Our best dresses seduce you: the dress Eume Almanzora, or Sil are renowned for their fine fabric and beauty of their colors. These are cotton dresses, you'll feel very comfortable in this tissue particularly mild.
Do you prefer skirts? As we understand! Discover our different styles of skirt esla, Esera, or cinca. Each has its specificities. Which do you prefer? To order, simply click "add to cart" and proceed to secure payment.
The Tee Shirt fantasy are many on our site. Both beautiful and original, they are in any circumstance, both summer and winter, at a party.
The harem pants are the pants in the latest fashion, and this is not about to stop. Traditionally worn in North Africa, it has established itself with all the fashionistas in Europe!
Our sarouel mundo is available in several colors: black, gray or khaki. There's something for everyone! This is a unisex garment, which can be worn by both boys and girls, very low in the crotch.
You understood, we do not only sell dresses or skirts online. Many articles are available on our website, simply visit our different sections to discover them.
Take for example the leggings: These skinny pants are popular sports at the moment. Get your leggings, you could be better and will turn more than one head. You can choose red or orange.
A question about one of our products, an inquiry into the operation mode of our shop? Contact us using the form provided for that purpose.We take care to answer you as quickly as possible.
You can also visit our terms of sale (the link is available below) for information on our delivery times for example. An article you most?Make knowledge sharing on Facebook. Thus you will find this site to your friends.
All our clothes are entirely made in Spain. Our company was founded in 2007.
Choose Keguay, specialty retailer of dresses, T shirts, skirts, tunics, leggings and harem pants! 
You will not regret it, this is the ideal solution to totally revitalize your wardrobe, at the best price.

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